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Natural Harmony  ~  Jonathan Penley

Natural Harmony

This group is for folks who have done some singing and would like to experience the exhilaration of singing in harmony (experienced singers also welcome!).  Reading music is not required as the singing parts are taught by ear.  We follow the principles of the 'Natural Voice' singing community which is about celebrating the voice you were born with, rather than trying to train it to an ideal of perfection.  You can find out more by visiting the Natural Voice website: www.naturalvoice.net .

To hear samples of the kind of songs we sing - click the links below (mp3s courtesy Unicorn Voice Camp):
   White Water  by Nickomo Clarke
   Peace in our Time  by Nick Prater
   Open Your Heart  by Nick Prater

We also sing simpler two and three part chants and rounds.  For those in the group who are interested, there may be opportunities to sing the songs we learn in the natural world - eg. on the hills, in woods and at springs.


Diary  for  Natural Harmony

No singing workshops currently planned.
Parts for Songs
Follow this link to log in and listen to recordings of individual parts.
Jonathan ~ background
In his twenties, Jonathan sang in large classical choirs including the Malvern Festival Chorus.  While living in Canada in his thirties he was inspired to start singing in the folk tradition - and to learn various folk instruments including piano accordion, guitar, celtic harp and penny whistle.  On his return to the United Kingdom he went to the first Unicorn Natural Voice camp in 1998 - an annual one week singing camp (www.unicornvillagecamps.co.uk).  Having attended many of the camps since then - he has collected a considerable number of harmony songs in the 'natural voice' tradition.  The time is now ripe to share some of these songs in a wider community!
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