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Combined Diary


Heartsong Collective is an assembly of singers and musicians in Malvern dedicated to encourage singing in the community.  We feel that singing is the birthright of everyone and can help build community, promote self confidence and even heal.

SongS P A C E with Julia Palmer-Price
A class for singers of all ages and abilities to come and find, explore, re-discover and develop their unique voice; through seasonal sing-a-long songs, chants, hymns, hums and perhaps a lullaby or three.  Led by songstress Julia who believes everybody can sing!

Natural Harmony with Jonathan Penley 
A session of harmonies and rounds in in the 'natural voice' tradition.  Ideal for people who have done some singing, and would like to experience the exhilaration of singing harmony in a group.  All songs are taught by ear - so no need to read music.

Bhajans with Madhava Das
Madhava sings bhajans - devotional chants accompanied by himself on harmonium with occasional other musicians.  You can come and listen - and join in singing as and when you want.  Printed sheets with words are provided.


Combined Diary

Time Date  (2018) Group

evening Tuesday 6th Harmony
morning Friday 9th SongSPACE
evening Friday 9th Bhajans

evening Tuesday 13th SongSPACE
morning Friday 16th SongSPACE

evening Tuesday 20th Harmony
morning Friday 23rd SongSPACE
evening Friday 23rd Bhajans

morning Friday 20th SongSPACE

morning Friday 27th SongSPACE

morning Friday 4th SongSPACE

morning Friday 11th SongSPACE

morning Friday 18th SongSPACE

morning Friday 25th SongSPACE
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